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How much does it cost to rent a disposal bin?

We may be in the junk business, but our pricing is clean and clear: no hidden fees or surcharges! The most accurate way to find out how much your bin may cost is to use our online ordering tool for junk & debris or clean fill. There aren't any disposal fees for clean fill bins. All our prices include drop-off, pick-up, and either a five- or seven-day rental. The total price can only be determined once the bin has been picked up and dumped, because it'll depend on how long you kept the bin and how heavy it was.

How long can we keep our bin?

You can keep your bin as long as you want. Seven day rental is included in the price for junk bins up to and including 20 cubic yards. Five day rental is included in the price for 30 and 40 cubic yard junk bins and all clean fill bins. You'll  have to let us know when you'd like us to come pick up your bin...we won't just show up and take it away on you!

What if I need more time than the days included?

No problem! We'll just charge you $10 per day for the extra time.

How soon can we get a bin delivered?

Same-day delivery is generally possible—just give us a call to confirm. We can almost always deliver next-day if you order before 4 p.m. the evening before. If your bin is being delivered to the street, you're probably going to need a permit from your municipality, so definitely allow some time for that. (If the bin is being delivered to a community in the City of Hamilton, we'll get the permit for you. Call us to get the ball rolling!)

If I fill up my bin and need another, what's the cost?

The same rates and charges apply for additional bins. The driver will either bring an empty bin and exchange it for your full one, or dump your full bin and return it to you.

What time will the driver drop my bin off?

Traffic, weather conditions and bin availability all play a role in delivery time so we can't be more specific than "morning" and "afternoon." Deliveries are generally made between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can tell us your preferred delivery window when you order.

What time will the driver pick up my bin?

We don't automatically show up to pick up your bin—you'll have to call or email us to tell us you'd like us to come. (Give us a day's notice so we can be sure to arrive on your preferred day.) Pick-ups are usually between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What should I do to get ready for bin pick-up?

First of all, let us know you're ready to have your bin picked up, since we don't come automatically. Second, make sure the bin doors are closed and properly latched. Last, let folks know not to block access to the bin by parking in or in front of the driveway.

I'm worried my neighbours will use my bin. Do you supply lids?

Ahhh, the sneaky neighbour problem. Our bins don't have lids, but if you're concerned about other people scrapping in your bin, you can cover it with an inexpensive tarp. (You can buy them at building centres like Home Depot.) It's not a guaranteed solution but it's a deterrent.

What is clean fill?

Great question! "Clean fill" is a substance that's inert, solid, uncontaminated and won't decompose or dissolve in water. For us, clean fill comes in three types:

  1. sod and soil only {Please call one of our locations for any sod and soil roll off orders}  
  2. concrete, block & interlocking stone only
  3. asphalt only

We only accept one type of clean fill material in a single clean fill bin.

If you mix material types in your clean fill bin (asphalt with concrete, or concrete with soil, for example) or mix clean fill with junk (asphalt with stuff from Aunt June's basement, for example), we'll have to junk the whole lot and will charge you $90/metric tonne to do it.

What materials are not allowed in the bin?

We're licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. Refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers aren't allowed in our bin because they may contain refrigerants, such as freon, that need to be disposed of properly. Tires, batteries, chemicals, propane cylinders, railroad ties or any type of hazardous waste aren't allowed in disposal bins either. When it comes to hazardous waste, it's not just us being picky, folks. It's the law. Luckily, most municipalities have free drop-offs for household hazardous waste. Got questions about whether something is allowed in one of our bins? Just email or call us.

Will the bin fit in my driveway?

In general, all of the 4 to 30 cubic yard bins will fit in a single car driveway.

I don't have a driveway. Are you able to put the bin on the street?

Yes, we can deliver a bin to the street, but you may need a permit. Contact your municipality to find out. If the bin will be delivered to a street location in the City of Hamilton, we'll have to apply for your permit for you. Call or email us to get the process started.

Can you put the bin on my lawn?

Yes, we can, but you may require a permit. Contact your municipality to find out.

How can I pay for my bin?

We prefer that you use a major credit card at the time of booking. If you prefer to pay cash, call to arrange an email transfer.

How high can the bin be filled?

Don't fill a bin past the top rim so we can tarp the bin for safe transport to the transfer station.

How do you protect my driveway?

Our drivers place wood boards under the rails of the bin to protect the driveway and distribute the weight.

Larger clean fill and junk bins can get heavy. If you're concerned with bin weight, have sheets of plywood available on the day of the delivery for the driver to put the bin on. This will help displace the weight of the bin over a wider area.

Let us know you'll have plywood available (and where our driver can find it) in the "order notes" section of the online order form.

What happens to my waste after it's scrapped?

We take the bin to a local transfer station where the material is weighed and sent to landfill (if it's junk) or disposed of as clean fill. We recycle and donate bin materials when appropriate.

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